About US

Who we are ?

We are a digital coaching institute based in Canada. We help internationally trained lawyers and law graduates from all across the world in realizing their dreams of becoming barristers and solicitors in Canada.


What is NCA?

NCA (National Committee on Accreditation) assesses the qualification of all internationally trained lawyers and legal graduates. NCA qualification is essential for anyone who wants to be a lawyer in Canada.

Where is it applicable ?

NCA is the standard of evaluation across entire Canada.

Who can apply?

The NCA evaluates the qualifications of anyone with a law degree, whether one is:
1. A Canadian citizen who got a legal education in another country.
2. A law graduate from anywhere in the world thinking of immigrating to Canada.
3. A person with law degree who has already moved to Canada.

How to apply?


A.   Apply on NCA website.

1.   Complete the online assessment application on the NCA official website.

2.   Arrange for the NCA to receive all your required documents.

3.   Make online payment for assessment.

B.   Assessment and exams.

After NCA finishes your assessment, they will send you a letter that describes the legal education you need and determines the exam that you need to appear for. The six core subjects that are assigned to almost all the applicants include: 
1. Canadian Administrative Law
2. Canadian Constitutional Law
3. Canadian Criminal Law
4. Canadian Professional Responsibility
5. Foundations of Canadian Law
6. Legal research and writing.

c.   Certificate Of Qualification

 Once you successfully taken your NCA exams, you can request for a Certificate of Qualification as the proof that you have completed them. This certificate of qualification allows you to enter into the bar admission process.

Why us?

  • Live classes & Recorded lectures.
  • Lectures by Practicing Canadian Lawyers
  • Option to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Short duration & minimal fee.
  • No additional fee for multiple attempts.
  • Full support & mentorship.

Our Founder | Bakshdeep Singh

Bakshdeep Singh, BALLB (Hons.), is a highly accomplished Barrister and Solicitor practicing law in Vancouver, Canada. With licenses to practice in both Ontario and British Columbia, Bakshdeep’s qualifications demonstrate his versatility and expertise across multiple jurisdictions.

With years of legal experience as a lawyer and law tutor in India, Bakshdeep brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to his practice. His diverse background has equipped him with a deep understanding of legal principles and the ability to navigate complex legal matters with precision.

As a practicing lawyer in Vancouver, Bakshdeep’s dedication to his clients and commitment to excellence shine through in every case. His qualifications and extensive legal experience provide a strong foundation for his work, ensuring that his clients receive the highest level of representation and tailored solutions to their legal needs.

With a passion for the law and a dedication to staying abreast of the latest legal developments, Bakshdeep Singh continues to make a significant impact in the Canadian legal landscape. His expertise, combined with his professionalism and unwavering commitment to his clients, positions him as a trusted legal advisor in Canada.


Bakshdeep Singh
Founder, CanLawCoach