Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the course?

The six core subjects are covered in a span of 6 months.

2. How many times in a week are the classes held?

We hold 3 classes a week. These can however vary as per syllabus requirements of a given subject.

3. Will there be any live classes?

Yes, all classes are conducted live. Moreover if the student misses any class, recorded lecture shall also be made available.

4. Will I get course material?

Yes, free soft copies of the course material will be provided. Students may also request hard copies with minimal courier and printing charges.

5. Does one have to attend the classes physically at a particular location or can they be attended virtually?

All classes are conducted online. You can attend them from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet connection.

6. Do I have the option of buying individual subjects or the entire package or both?

Both the options are available.

7. Who is the instructor?

Our founder Mr. Bakshdeep Singh, a highly accomplished Barrister and Solicitor practicing law in Canada with years of experience as a lawyer and law tutor will be taking the lectures. In addition to that, special lectures & mentorship will also be provided by other legal professionals and ignited minds.

8. Can I ask questions and have my doubts addressed during my NCA Exam Preparation?

Yes, absolutely.

9. Do you offer an opportunity to write practice exams?


10. Will I be charged again for any subject’s preparation in case I fail an exam and need to reappear for the same?

No, You can keep attending the lectures as many times as you need to till you clear your exams or you stop giving the exams.

11. Can I become licensed to practice law in any of the provinces or territories of Canada without getting a certificate of qualification?

If you have studied law abroad , you must have an NCA certificate of qualification of quality for Law Society bar admission in all provinces and territories in Canada.

12. I completed the online application from and did not hear back from the NCA, How do I know the NCA processed my application?

Once the NCA receives your application they will send you a confirmation email within 10 business day.

13. When and how can I expect to get the results from my exam?

Results generally released 10 to 12 weeks after the date of the last scheduled exam in each session.

14. What mark is considered a pass for NCA exams?

A mark of 50% and higher is considered a pass.

15. How many times may I attempt an exam?

You may write NCA exams three times.